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The Power of Impossible Thinking

The Power of Impossible Thinking

The Power of Impossible Thinking

Transform the Business of Your Life and the Life of Your Business

by Yoram Wind & Colin Crook

The ability to see the world differently can create significant opportunities, as companies such as Southwest Airlines, FedEx, Charles Schwab and others have demonstrated. But even successful models can ultimately become a prison if they limit your ability to make sense of a changing world, in the way that major airlines failed to fully recognize the threat of upstarts such as Ryanair or that music companies failed to see the opportunities and threats of music file sharing. The Power of Impossible Thinking provides a systematic process to help you understand the importance of mental models, assess whether your models are relevant, what kinds of models are needed, and how to act upon these models more effectively.

What You'll Learn

  • How to change the way you think. Changing your mental models can open new opportunities and offer a lever for transforming your organization or your life.
  • How to keep your mental models relevant. You need to know when to shift models, create a portfolio of models (both old and new) rather than leading one-way revolutions, and discover new models.
  • How to transform your world. To transform the world, you need to overcome the inhibitors to change.
  • How to act quickly and effectively. Mental models need to be acted upon. They can be accessed quickly through the effective use of informed intuition.
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