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The Power of Community

The Power of Community

The Power of Community

How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire Their Teams, Wow Their Customers and Make Bigger Profits

by Howard Partridge

The more connected we are through email, smartphones and social media, the more disconnected we become on a personal, human level - and teamwork suffers tremendously. The Power of Community provides a step-by-step approach to transforming your organization by tapping into the human need to connect with and feel valued by others. By creating a company culture based on core community values, you’ll empower your workforce, build customer loyalty, and drive profits and growth.

What You'll Learn

In this 8-page text and 20-minute audio summary of The Power of Community, you will learn:

  • Why leadership is essential for building community.
  • Three keys that unlock community and six steps for building community.
  • Strategies to encourage your people and inspire emotional trust.
  • To develop your community systems and create your community brand experience.
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