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The Perfect Salesforce

The Perfect Salesforce

The Perfect Salesforce

The 6 Best Practices of the World's Best Sales Teams

by Derek Gatehouse

Despite billions spent every year on personality profiling, sales training, motivation experts, coaches and incentives, there’s never been a proven formula for building a sales force of top performers. Author Derek Gatehouse argues that sales is about people, not a process. The Perfect Salesforce is a return to people –– different types of people who excel naturally in different types of sales jobs.

What You'll Learn

  • How to hire for talent, not skill or even experience.
  • How to blend positive and negative motivators.
  • Ways to measure for results instead of micromanaging the process.
  • How to use a framework based on 10 selling talents.
  • Who to select for the sales manager position.
  • How any company can build an incredibly effective sales force.
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