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The Orange Code

The Orange Code

The Orange Code

How ING Direct Succeeded by Becoming a Rebel with a Cause

by Arkadi Kuhlmann & Bruce Philp

The Orange Code recounts ING Direct's –– the successful Internet-based direct bank with over 20 million customers –– intriguing story and explains the philosophy of its founder Arkadi Kuhlmann and his long-running partnership with Bruce Philp, the branding consultant who helped him make ING Direct a cause to its own people and a household name across North America. In an entertaining and inspiring style, Kuhlmann and Philp discuss their unconventional approach to business strategy and leadership that built ING Direct, and detail how personal financial empowerment has made everyone a winner in this story.

What You'll Learn

  • How to create a company that has a cause.
  • How any leader can ensure his or her brand says what it is and is what it says.
  • How to create a corporate culture that goes beyond creating competence.
  • How to make the customer a business partner
  • The temptations that can sink a business.
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