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The New Mainstream

The New Mainstream

The New Mainstream

How the Multicultural Consumer Is Transforming American Business

by Guy Garcia

A new America is emerging. As the multiculturalism of Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and new immigrants comes together, they forge a New Mainstream-based culture and economy that will soon overcome the Anglocentric “Old” Mainstream. Corporations, politicians, institutions and the media will not only have to accept and understand the New Mainstream, but they will have to embrace it and become part of it. In The New Mainstream, journalist and multimedia entrepreneur Guy Garcia offers a wake-up call and a road map to the new multicultural reality in America, creating a corporate survival guide for the uncharted markets of the 21st century.

What You'll Learn

  • The astonishing growth in buying power of so-called minorities.
  • How the current move toward multiculturalism is actually part of a repeating cycle re-enacted throughout American history.
  • How the media, celebrities and art facilitate the creation of the New Mainstream by popularly melding ethnicities to culture.
  • Why it is important to foster the creative class that propels the New Mainstream and why many Americans' post 9/11 politics may be hostile to it.
  • How Americans can create cohesiveness in the New Mainstream as race and culture are melding.
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