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The Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Pipeline

How to Build the Leadership-Powered Company

by Ram Charan, James Noel & Stephen Drotter

In this book, three experts show companies how to build their own leaders by understanding the critical passages a leader must navigate, by providing the appropriate development for navigating those passages, and by building the right system for ensuring a full pipeline of leaders, now and in the future.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use a proven model for identifying future leaders, assessing their competence, planning their development and measuring the results.
  • How to integrate your company‚Äôs leadership development process with a succession planning process to constantly renew leaders at all levels.
  • How to use diagnostics to identify problems and possibilities in your leadership pipeline.
  • Ways to improve performance by clarifying roles and creating performance standards.
  • How to challenge traditional notions of leadership to use the Leadership Pipeline approach effectively.
  • How young people and the Internet are transforming democracy.
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