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    The Definitive Drucker

    The Definitive Drucker

    The Definitive Drucker

    The Final Word from the Father of Modern Management

    by Elizabeth Haas Edersheim

    Considered the father of modern management, Peter Drucker spent the last 16 months of his life speaking about the world of business with Edersheim, a respected management thinker in her own right. The Definitive Drucker provides his final thoughts about the development of modern business.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to succeed in a Lego world, where the business organizations are pieced together, pulled apart and reassembled.
    • How to determine whether your customers' perception of value aligns with your own.
    • How to innovate like GE, as well as when to abandon fundamental assumptions before they derail the company.
    • How to structure a successful collaboration.
    • How to invest in people and knowledge for your organization.
    • How the CEO sets the tone for a company.
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