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The Cultural Intelligence Difference

The Cultural Intelligence Difference

The Cultural Intelligence Difference

Master the One Skill You Can’t Do Without in Today’s Global Economy

by David Livermore

Most people know that some basic cultural sensitivity is important. But few have developed the deep cultural intelligence (CQ) required to really thrive in our multicultural workplaces and globalized world. Now everybody can tap into the power of CQ to enhance their skills and capabilities, from managing multicultural teams and serving a diverse customer base to negotiating with international suppliers and opening offshore markets. "The Cultural Intelligence Difference" delivers a powerful tool for navigating today's work world with finesse and success.

What You'll Learn

  • Customized strategies for improving your cross-cultural interactions, with an emphasis on problem solving and adapting behavior.
  • New findings on the impressive bottom-line benefits of CQ.
  • Examples of major organizations that use CQ to achieve success.
  • Methods to improve your CQ Drive, CQ Strategy, CQ Knowledge and CQ Action.
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