The Courage to Act

The Courage to Act

The Courage to Act

Five Factors of Courage to Transform Business

by Merom Klein & Rod Napier

In workplaces where jobs change constantly, having the courage to speak and hear the truth, inspire hope, take a stand and trust in relationships is what defines high performers. With powerful examples of courage in action, The Courage to Act explores the skills you need to embrace change and capitalize on opportunities, inspire courage in your teammates, and respond to your own personal moments of truth with the courage to push ahead and make the right things happen.

What You'll Learn

In this 8-page text and 20-minute audio summary of The Courage to Act, you will learn:

  • Why courage is necessary in a time of uncertainty, challenge and conflict.
  • The five factors of courage and how to assess them within your team or organization.
  • How to build individual courage in your teammates and a climate of courage within your team.
  • How to imbue others with the courage to act.
  • A five-part formula for dealing with conflict.
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