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The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership

The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership

The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership

by Steven Sample

Steven Sample, president of the University of Southern California (USC), has the leadership skills that have helped the school to receive international recognition as a successfully growing organization. In his book, Sample has compiled the skills and tactics required by leaders who want to improve their organizations and their ability to lead. His unconventional approach to leadership offers a plethora of new ideas about making better decisions, using time wisely, picking top staffers, reading what is important, listening more artfully, utilizing experts, and dozens of other skills gleaned from years of experience.

What You'll Learn

  • The ability to think gray: Learn why snap decisions aren't always good ones and why putting off decisions until you have considered many points of view is the best decision-making method.
  • The ability to select expert advisers. Contrarian leaders understand that not every expert is helpful, but know when they need assistance, when they don't, and how to choose.
  • The willingness to read what's important. Contrarian leaders return again and again to classic works for inspiration and to understand human nature.
  • The ability to make decisions. After thinking gray, reflecting on great works, listening carefully, and listening to advice, contrarian leaders make considered decisions or delegate them.
  • The ability to know which hill you're willing to die on. Contrarian leaders know how to make tough moral decisions.
  • The ability to pick and manage those who work for you. Contrarian leaders pick, manage and rely on quality lieutenants.
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