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The Art of Woo

The Art of Woo

The Art of Woo

Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas

by G Richard Shell & Mario Moussa

According to Shell and Moussa, “Woo” is the ability to win people over to your ideas without coercion, using relationship-based emotionally intelligent persuasion. It’s the secret of success with colleagues, clients and customers. The Art of Woo shows readers how this ability can strengthen their persuasion skills in every aspect of their lives by using the four-step Woo process — a repeatable strategy that translates ideas into reality.

What You'll Learn

  • What makes up the four steps of Woo.
  • What the six channels of persuasion are and the appropriate times to use them.
  • How to determine your personal persuasion style.
  • How the eight best practices for managing organizational politics can help ensure that your idea gains the commitment needed.
  • How to use the PCAN model to make a case for selling your idea.
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