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    The Agenda

    The Agenda

    The Agenda

    What Every Business Must Do to Dominate the Decade

    by Michael Hammer

    The author of Reengineering the Corporation presents nine core principles critical to contemporary corporate success. Among Hammer’s agenda items: “managing without structure” and “creating order where chaos reigns.”

    What You'll Learn

    • Make yourself easy to do business with. Presenting a single face to your customers is just one of six ways to simplify customer interactions.
    • Add more value for your customers. Your job is to solve problems, not sell products.
    • Obsess about your processes. Don't focus on individual activities; focus on how those activities fit together.
    • Turn creative work into process work. Creativity doesn't need chaos; on the contrary, it thrives better in disciplined, coordinated environments.
    • Use measurement for improving, not accounting. Don't measure to collect data, but rather to collect clues for performance improvement.
    • Loosen up your organizational structure. Dynamic, respected leaders and motivated teams, not command-and-control hierarchies, are needed.
    • Sell through, not to, your distribution channels. Too many organizations forget that intermediaries are not their customers. The end user is.
    • Push past your boundaries in pursuit of efficiency. Creative collaboration with outside partners is essential.
    • Lose your identity in an extended enterprise. Your company is not an isolated entity, but rather an element in a larger system.
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    Image of Reengineering The Corporation
    Image of Reengineering The Corporation

    Reengineering The Corporation

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