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The Adversity Paradox

The Adversity Paradox

The Adversity Paradox

An Unconventional Guide to Achieving Uncommon Business Success

by Bob Jennings & J. Barry Griswell

Obstacles and setbacks are an inevitable part of life, especially in today’s harsh and volatile economy. How can you use the very experiences that would stall or tumble a career to build uncommon success? The answer is found in “The Adversity Paradox”. Working to overcome humble beginnings, lack of knowledge, unexpected setbacks or any manner of misfortune can be the foundational step in a path to incredible achievement. Those who have benefited from the adversity paradox all relate similar experiences. The knowledge they gained from overcoming obstacles played such a crucial role in their success trajectories that they now consider adversity to be an invaluable friend. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to handle the Moment of Truth: when the presentation begins.
  • How to take your own business-savvy inventory.
  • How to use the skill of introspection to find your level of moral development.
  • How to ignite your thirst for knowledge.
  • How to have the confidence to do what others see as impossible.
  • How to build endurance of character the same way we build physical strength.
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