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The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior

by Ori Brafman & Rom Brafman

Brothers and authors Ori and Rom Brafman explore several of the psychological forces that derail rational thinking. We are all more prone to irrational behavior than we realize and this can affect our careers and shape our business and personal relationships. Understanding why the sway of irrational behavior is so alluring can help us to become more aware of it and perhaps less likely to fall victim to its force.

What You'll Learn

  • How the natural aversion to loss leads many people to ignore the facts, put on blinders and chase a loss in the hopes of recovering something often unrecoverable.
  • What happens when you can’t navigate the swamp of commitment.
  • How looks can be deceiving, especially when they assign an inaccurate value to something or someone based on an initial impression.
  • Why interviews are often like first dates, and how hiring managers need more structure in their interviews in order to truly find the right-fit candidate.
  • Why every individual is a psychological chameleon.
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