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Stronger in the Broken Places

Stronger in the Broken Places

Stronger in the Broken Places

Nine Lessons for Turning Crisis into Triumph

by James Lee Witt & James Morgan

As the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency from 1993 until 2001, James Lee Witt witnessed some of the worst crises Mother Nature, chance and certain humans had to offer — earthquakes, floods, airline crashes, the Oklahoma City bombing, and more. Through it all, he not only drastically improved the reputation FEMA had among lawmakers and crisis victims and survivors alike (his leadership rescued the flagging agency), he also developed a strategy for managing crises — a customer-centric model that served him and his staff well, and that can serve your business in the same manner.

What You'll Learn

  • Ways to set up effective communication and early-warning systems.
  • How to identify a recurring crisis and assess the repercussions of walking away.
  • Ways to change your priorities and projects without triggering crises.
  • How to identify synergies with suppliers, clients and stakeholders.
  • The best ways to keep your team confident and productive when things are going wrong.
  • Strategies to build emergency teams with customized reporting lines and goals.
  • How to find people who can share leadership duties with you.
  • Tips for collecting knowledge about failures and successes so you can refine your crisis plan for the future.
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