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Selling Blue Elephants

Selling Blue Elephants

Selling Blue Elephants

How to Make Great Products That People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them

by Howard Moskowitz & Alex Gofman

Nowadays you have to be able to make successful products before people even realize they want them. According to the authors, great products don’t come from focus group studies, but instead from RDE (Rule Developing Experimentation).

What You'll Learn

  • How RDE reveals the "hidden rules" that will define your next breakthrough product.
  • How to create prototypes that answer the right questions, fast.
  • How to use automated tools to streamline your research process and get actionable results in just days.
  • How to extend the value of RDE throughout your entire enterprise.
  • How companies such as Maxwell House, Vlasic and Prego all used RDE to their advantage.
  • What the new science of Mind Genomics can do for RDE.
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