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Personality Not Included

Personality Not Included

Personality Not Included

Why Companies Lose Their Authenticity--And How Great Brands Get it Back

by Rohit Bhargava

Personality can make your customers passionate about your brand. Personality inspires trust, and trust can build customer loyalty. In this social media era where identities are shaped as much by perception as communication, marketing becomes more about building relationships with customers than about traditional selling. Rohit Bhargava details the theory of personality and explains how to put it into action effectively.

What You'll Learn

  • How leaders can show courage, integrity, candor and responsibility.
  • How to better focus on the moments when you already have your customer's attention and use those moments to demonstrate your brand’s personality.
  • Why "accidental spokespeople" may be your brand's most powerful influencers.
  • Ways to use the "UAT filter" to understand the personality of your organization.
  • The three core personality principles that will help you put personality into action.
  • How to create your company's "marketing backstory" using techniques pioneered by Hollywood screenwriters.
  • The three methods of getting attention and the attention paradox.
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