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    Mass Affluence

    Mass Affluence

    Mass Affluence

    Seven New Rules of Marketing to Today's Consumer

    by Brian Johnson & Paul Nunes

    In Mass Affluence, customer management and marketing strategy experts Paul Nunes and Brian Johnson explain that we are witnessing a pendulum swing in marketing from “one-to-one” customer strategies back to mass marketing. But this is mass marketing with a twist: The targeted customers are not the middle class of the post-World War II era. They are richer yet more cautious consumers — and they won’t respond to the strategies that worked with their middle-class predecessors. Based on extensive consumer research and practical application within many industries, this summary outlines seven new rules of mass marketing aimed directly at what Nunes and Johnson call the “moneyed masses.”

    What You'll Learn

    • How to seize the unclaimed ground between luxury and mass-market positions.
    • How to serve millions of diverse customers with the same product.
    • How to discover must-have products that serve a special purpose.
    • How to introduce new ownership options that convert the unaffordable into the affordable.
    • How to offer new products that perform like investment opportunities.
    • How to change sales locations, formats and the mix of offerings to optimize affluent consumption.
    • How to devise cost-effective promotions to attract and retain masses of well-heeled customers.
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