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    by Henry Mintzberg

    A half century ago Peter Drucker put management on the map. Leadership has since put it off. In his latest book, Henry Mintzberg aims to restore management to its proper place: front and center. “We should be seeing managers as leaders,” he writes, “and leadership as management practiced well.” This book is classic Mintzberg: iconoclastic, irreverent, carefully researched, myth-breaking. Managing may be the most revealing book yet written about what managers do, how they do it, and how they can do it better.

    What You'll Learn

    • Are leaders really more important than managers?
    • Where has all the judgment gone?
    • Has management style been over-rated?
    • Is e-mail destroying management practice?
    • How are managers supposed to connect when the very nature of their jobs disconnects them from what they are managing?
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