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Managers Not MBAs

Managers Not MBAs

Managers Not MBAs

A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development

by Henry Mintzberg

According to Professor Henry Mintzberg, the current MBA system ensures that the wrong people will get educated in the wrong way with the wrong consequences. There is a better way. Mintzberg has designed a program, the International Masters in Practicing Management, that addresses many of the problems associated with traditional programs that profess to develop managers, but instead produce analysts ready to apply one-size-fits-all techniques no matter the context. By integrating reflective, analytical, worldly, collaborative, and action mindsets, this philosophy will not only improve managers, but also their organizations and society.

What You'll Learn

  • What is wrong with today's management education.
  • What kinds of people make good managers and why are they not in business schools.
  • How art, science and craft are all components of management, but business schools focus mostly on science.
  • Whether MBAs are ready to perform in the boardroom once they make it in the door of an organization.
  • How graduate business schools are corrupting educations, managerial processes, existing organizations, and even social institutions.
  • How most attempts at innovation of the managerial development process only change the delivery of the same inappropriate material.
  • How an entirely new model, the International Masters in Practicing Management, teaches managerial practices instead of test-taking and knee-jerk decision making.
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