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The Internet can be a powerful tool if companies and consumers learn how to use it creatively and imaginatively. Case studies and articles from Wharton’s [email protected] online journal support the authors’ strategies for building value through the Internet — including how to use the Web’s inherent communication, brokerage, and integration effects to your advantage.

What You'll Learn

  • The effects of technology on business strategy. Learn how to use the Web's communication, brokerage and integration effects to your advantage.
  • What makes a solid business model. These days, you had better know what you are doing prior to entering into a Web value strategy.
  • How customer behavior fits in. Understanding how consumers behave is critical to companies interested in establishing a Web retailing strategy. You'll learn what to look for, and how to use that information appropriately.
  • The challenges of channel conflicts. When using the Web to eliminate middlemen and deal directly with customers, learn to address the concerns of those middlemen and eliminate conflicts in your business channels.
  • The future of online exchanges. Learn how to leverage public and industry exchanges to build value.
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