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Intelligent M&A

Intelligent M&A

Intelligent M&A

Navigating the Mergers and Acquisitions Minefield

by Scott Moeller & Chris Brady

Mergers and acquisitions have played a dominant role in shaping and reshaping the global corporate landscape in the last century. If the sheer numbers of deals aren’t grabbing headlines, the size and scope of the deals that are made cannot help but command the attention of investors world over. In Intelligent M&A, Moeller and Brady set forth a solid strategy for thriving in the high-stakes, high-stress environment for corporate mergers and acquisitions.

What You'll Learn

  • Why business intelligence is so important to the M&A process.
  • How to design an effective acquisition and identify the best targets for a deal.
  • How to manage the expectations of and interactions with advisors on both sides of an M&A deal.
  • How to practice effective due diligence.
  • How to successfully integrate the two companies involved in the merger.
  • How to survive a merger, including tips on staying visible, informed and invaluable in a time of extreme flux.
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