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In Search of the Obvious

In Search of the Obvious

In Search of the Obvious

The Antidote for Today’s Marketing Mess

by Jack Trout

In this summary, marketing guru Jack Trout clears up the confusion that surrounds the marketing profession. Instead of focusing on segmentation or customer retention or search engine optimization, marketers should be searching for that simple, obvious differentiating idea.

What You'll Learn

  • Five essential guidelines from the greatest book on marketing ever written — one you've likely never heard of.
  • How to identify and contend with the barriers to obvious marketing, and who must lead the effort (hint: Start right at the top).
  • How the Internet can overwhelm you and your customers, and what to do to about it.
  • How to use your competition to market your products more effectively.
  • How to find the right direction to a streamlined, simplified, more robust approach to marketing.
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