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    Healing the Wounds

    Healing the Wounds

    Healing the Wounds

    Overcoming the Trauma of Layoffs and Revitalizing Downsized Organizations

    by David M. Noer

    Downsizing continues to strike American business. What about those who are left behind? How can workers restore their energy, productivity and risk taking when their trust and loyalty have been stripped away? How can managers initiate healing and motivate employees burdened with twice their usual workload? In this summary, training expert David M. Noer skillfully brings together the "hard" and "soft" sides of a critical corporate issue to provide practical and profound guidance to professionals in a variety of fields.

    What You'll Learn

    In this summary of Healing the Wounds, you will learn:

    • How companies that go through layoffs to get lean and mean can end up sad and angry.
    • How to meet the challenge of addressing one of the toughest management issues: downsizing.
    • How executives and organizations can find real workable solutions to the problem of layoff survivor sickness.
    • How to deal with the complex issues of anxiety, fear and sorrow.
    • How to effectively downsize while forging productive relationships with surviving workers.
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