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    Consultants & Advisers

    Consultants & Advisers

    Consultants & Advisers

    A Best Practice Guide to Choosing, Using and Getting Good Value

    by Harold Lewis

    In Consultants & Advisers, independent consultant Harold Lewis presents an accessible resource for individuals, businesses and organizations on how to get the best value from the consultants they hire. Throughout, Lewis answers many common questions about getting outside help, and illustrates his advice with examples of both good and bad practices. He also provides a thorough examination of everything involved, from picking consultants to writing contracts to solving problems. This summary guides readers through the process of choosing and using consultants so they can secure the help they need and the results they intend.

    What You'll Learn

    • Offers a profile of the consultancy and professional services sectors.
    • Describes the basis on which consultants work.
    • Offers insight into the way they view relationships with their clients.
    • Analyzes consultants' fees and expenses.
    • Describes how work specifications can be developed.
    • Offers steps that should be taken when selecting the right consultant.
    • Provides advice on contracting and negotiating with consultants.
    • Describes how to keep the work on track.
    • Offers the factors conducive to successful client-consultant relationships.
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