B2B Street Fighting

B2B Street Fighting

B2B Street Fighting

Three Counterpunches to Change the Negotiation Conversation

by Brian Dietmeyer

Based on six years of research and 15 years of practical application and consulting on over 20,000 B2B negotiations in nearly 50 countries, B2B Street Fighting will redefine how you think about negotiation. B2B Street Fighting by Brian J. Dietmeyer shows you how to change the negotiation conversation from the price of your products and services to the value of your solutions, and build value for you and your customers in every deal.

What You'll Learn

In this 8-page text and 20-minute audio summary of B2B Street Fighting, you will learn:

  • How to concentrate on the fact-based data that give you more control.
  • How to prepare, predict and deflect the negotiating punches that have kept you from winning at the negotiating table.
  • How to combat 97 percent of what today's market is currently dishing out.
  • How to use three no-nonsense negotiation counterpunches to achieve unfair advantage over the competition.
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