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  • Image of Work From Anywhere
    Image of Work From Anywhere

    The Essential Guide to Becoming a World-Class Hybrid Team

    by Alison Hill, Darren Hill

    Work From Anywhere delivers practical strategies on developing a high-performing team and business in a remote, distributed environment.

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  • Image of Provoke
    Image of Provoke

    How Leaders Shape the Future by Overcoming Fatal Human Flaws

    by Geoff Tuff, Steven Goldbach

    In Provoke, renowned strategy consultants and best-selling authors Geoff Tuff and Steven Goldbach insightfully explore how people act tentatively in the context of uncertainty, and the authors provide the tools we need to do things differently.

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  • Image of Hiring for Diversity
    Image of Hiring for Diversity

    The Guide to Building an Inclusive and Equitable Organization

    by Arthur Woods, Susanna Tharakan

    Using the authors’ research-backed Equal Hiring Index ® and work with hundreds of leading employers, the book offers readers the most actionable examples of the policies and practices that inclusive hiring leaders employ today.

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  • Image of Leadership That Rocks
    Image of Leadership That Rocks

    Take Your Brand’s Culture to Eleven and Amp Up Results

    by Jim Knight

    Author, speaker, and trainer Jim Knight’s Leadership That Rocks is a powerful, music-inspired guide to becoming a culture-driven and versatile manager that’s a true catalyst for change within your organization.

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  • Image of Before the Mic
    Image of Before the Mic

    How to Compose Meaningful, Memorable, and Motivational Presentations

    by Glenn Gibson

    Before the Mic is an in-depth guide that provides methods for creating meaningful, memorable, and motivational presentations that follow a proven structure designed for maximum impact.

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  • Image of Growing Up at Work
    Image of Growing Up at Work

    How to Transform Personally, Evolve Professionally, and Lead Authentically

    by Yael Sivi, Yosh Beier

    Growing Up at Work covers a list of unique areas where we often face common challenges at work, as well as actionable practices we can use to turn them to our advantage.

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  • Image of Upstream Marketing
    Image of Upstream Marketing

    Unlock Growth Using the Combined Principles of Insight, Identity, and Innovation

    by Kristin Kurth, Tim Koelzer

    Upstream Marketing is a book centered on the best practices, research, case studies, and analysis informed by more than twenty years of experience from its authors in helping transform client brands and businesses.

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  • Image of Get Different
    Image of Get Different

    Marketing That Can't Be Ignored!

    by Mike Michalowicz

    The promise of Get Different: Marketing That Can’t Be Ignored is that by the end of reading it, business owners will be ready to make sure they “get noticed and get results in a crowded market–no matter what.”

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  • Image of At Your Best
    Image of At Your Best

    How to Get Time, Energy, and Priorities Working in Your Favor

    by Carey Nieuwhof

    Renowned leadership blogger and podcaster Carey Nieuwhof believes that “you deserve to stop living at an unsustainable pace.”

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