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  • Image of Lead Well
    Image of Lead Well

    10 Steps to Successful and Sustainable Leadership

    by Ken Falke

    In Lead Well, leadership consultant and serial entrepreneur Ken Falke introduces you to the ten principles you need to become an impactful leader.

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  • Image of The Business Playbook
    Image of The Business Playbook

    How to Document and Delegate What You Do So Your Company Can Grow Beyond You

    by Chris Ronzio

    The Business Playbook is a guide for the what, who, how, when, and why of building your company’s playbook and making it stick.

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  • Image of Sway
    Image of Sway

    Implement the G.R.I.T. Marketing Method to Gain Influence and Drive Corporate Strategy

    by Christina Del Villar

    Del Villar’s G.R.I.T. Marketing Method goes beyond the basics to illustrate how marketing professionals can successfully influence this strategy based on overall corporate goals.

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  • Image of Levers
    Image of Levers

    The Framework for Building Repeatability into Your Business

    by Amos Schwartzfarb, Trevor Boehm

    In Levers, you learn how to find the levers of your business so that you can create repeatability and succeed in the true meaning of the word.

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  • Image of The Live Enterprise
    Image of The Live Enterprise

    Create a Continuously Evolving and Learning Organization

    by Jeff Kavanaugh, Rafee Tarafdar

    The Live Enterprise can help you create groundbreaking structures, response capacities, value chains, and more. It can help transform your organization into a constantly learning, ever-evolving industry leader.

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  • Image of Making Big Decisions Better
    Image of Making Big Decisions Better

    How to Set and Simplify Business Strategy

    by Tim Lewko

    Best-selling author Tim Lewko offers a field-tested and proven strategy system that you can use to quickly Fix, Build and Use your strategy and guide you to think about, develop, and execute your strategy better and more simply.

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  • Image of Strategic Doing
    Image of Strategic Doing

    Ten Skills for Agile Leadership

    by Scott Hutcheson, Edward Morrison, Elizabeth Nilsen, Janyce Fadden, Nancy Franklin

    Strategic Doing introduces 10 skills that are explained in detail and show how individual skills are used as part of an effective collaboration.

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  • Image of Lifestorming
    Image of Lifestorming

    Creating Meaning and Achievement in Your Career and Life

    by Alan Weiss, Marshall Goldsmith

    Alan Weiss and Marshall Goldsmith outline six building blocks of character that will help you to challenge your belief system, develop a leadership mindset, and overcome the stumbling blocks that keep you from success.

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  • Image of Bankable Leadership
    Image of Bankable Leadership

    Happy People, Bottom-Line Results, and the Power to Deliver Both

    by Tasha Eurich

    In Bankable Leadership, psychologist and executive coach Dr. Tasha Eurich reveals how to balance the happiness of our teams and the health of the bottom line.

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