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  • Image of The Business Playbook
    Image of The Business Playbook

    How to Document and Delegate What You Do So Your Company Can Grow Beyond You

    by Chris Ronzio

    The Business Playbook is a guide for the what, who, how, when, and why of building your company’s playbook and making it stick.

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  • Image of The Personal MBA
    Image of The Personal MBA

    Master the Art of Business

    by Josh Kaufman

    According to author Josh Kaufman, “The consensus is clear: MBA programs are a waste of time and money.

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  • Image of Turnaround
    Image of Turnaround

    How to Change Course When Things Are Going South

    by Lisa Gable

    In Turnaround, Lisa Gable, turnaround mastermind, offers a clear-headed, straightforward method for getting you back on track.

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  • Image of The Minimalist Entrepreneur
    Image of The Minimalist Entrepreneur

    How Great Founders Do More with Less

    by Sahil Lavingia

    Minimalism has swept the world. But there’s one area in which the minimalist approach may seem at odds on the surface— the world of entrepreneurship.

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  • Image of Upstream Marketing
    Image of Upstream Marketing

    Unlock Growth Using the Combined Principles of Insight, Identity, and Innovation

    by Kristin Kurth, Tim Koelzer

    Upstream Marketing is a book centered on the best practices, research, case studies, and analysis informed by more than twenty years of experience from its authors in helping transform client brands and businesses.

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  • Image of The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks
    Image of The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks

    How Brands Create Authentic Engagement by Understanding What Motivates Us

    by Joe Federer

    The Hidden Psychology of Social Networks will help you to make more efficient use of your media buys, establish more thoughtful strategies, develop better creative material, and deliver more effective marketing.

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  • Image of The Disruption Mindset
    Image of The Disruption Mindset

    Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail

    by Charlene Li

    Charlene Li shows that organizations don’t have to be tech startups or have the latest innovations to transform.

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  • Image of Great by Choice
    Image of Great by Choice

    Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck - Why Some Thrive Despite Them All

    by Jim Collins, Morten T. Hansen

    Ten years after the worldwide bestseller Good to Great, Jim Collins returns with another groundbreaking work. This time to ask: Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not? Based on nine years of research, buttressed by rigorous analysis and infused with engaging stories, Collins and his colleague, Morten Hansen, enumerate the principles for building a truly great enterprise in unpredictable, tumultuous...

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  • Image of Non-Obvious Megatrends
    Image of Non-Obvious Megatrends

    How to See What Others Miss and Predict the Future

    by Rohit Bhargava

    Non-Obvious Megatrends is about what it takes to see what no one else sees. It is also about developing a mindset of curiosity and thoughtfulness.

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