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    • Image of The Power of Identity
      Image of The Power of Identity

      The Key to Personal and Professional Change

      by Bill Wiersma

      The Power of Identity takes the central principle (identity) from author Bill Wiersma’s groundbreaking book The Power of Professionalism and deepens its application to individuals and organizations alike

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    • Image of Primal Teams
      Image of Primal Teams

      Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance

      by Jackie Barretta

      Primal Teams shows how anyone can control potentially damaging emotions, while triggering the kind of passion and energy that supercharge performance.

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    • Image of The Spirit of Hospitality
      Image of The Spirit of Hospitality

      How to Add the Missing Ingredients Your Business Needs

      by Larry Stuart

      In The Spirit of Hospitality, hospitality expert Larry Stuart provides the knowledge of what works when it comes to delivering memorable guest service, without living in the past.

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    • Image of Simplify Work
      Image of Simplify Work

      Crushing Complexity to Liberate Innovation, Productivity, and Engagement

      by Jesse W. Newton

      In Simplify Work, global management consultant Jesse W. Newton gets to the bottom of what creates complexity in the first place and provides a practical method for simplifying work.

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    • Image of Purpose
      Image of Purpose

      The Extraordinary Benefits of Focusing on What Matters Most

      by Ben Renshaw

      In Purpose, author Ben Renshaw explains how to utilize your unique skill sets to guide your life in the right direction and thrive in today’s complex and unpredictable world.

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    • Image of The Millennial Whisperer
      Image of The Millennial Whisperer

      The Practical, Profit-Focused Playbook for Working With and Motivating the World’s Largest Generation

      by Chris Tuff

      The Millenial stereotypes of "entitled," "lazy," and "selfish" are thrown around simply because they grew up with different experiences, compared to other generations.

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    • Image of Speed Review: An Audience of One
      Image of Speed Review: An Audience of One

      Reclaiming Creativity for Its Own Sake

      by Srinivas Rao

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    • Image of Webinar: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day
      Image of Webinar: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day

      by Kristi Hedges

      In this webinar, executive coach Kristi Hedges reveals that inspiring communication isn’t about grand gestures, but that those who motivate us most do a few things routinely, consistently, and intentionally.

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    • Image of Fail More
      Image of Fail More

      Embrace, Learn, and Adapt to Failure As a Way to Success

      by Bill Wooditch

      Bill Wooditch provides the knowledge, insight, and tools needed to use every failure - large and small - to actually create a successful business, career, and life

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