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Speed Review: UnMarketing

Speed Review: UnMarketing

Speed Review: UnMarketing

Stop Marketing. Start Engaging.

by Scott Stratten

Instead of trying the same tired methods, what if you could have a new kind of conversation with your customers and prospects? UnMarketing will teach you how to stop marketing and start engaging.


Modern Marketing Unraveled for the Masses

If you want to see what Twitter and other social media tools can do for your company to help you market your products, your services or yourself, take a peek inside Scott Stratten's book UnMarketing. As a marketer who has mastered the tools with which most marketers are just beginning to experiment, Stratten has many time-tested tips and techniques to offer anyone who wants to find a better way to spread his or her brand.

One way that Twitter can help you get your brand's foot in the door of consumers is by creating the kinds of connections that can turn a cold networking event into a warm meet-and-greet with people who have already been tweeting with you for months. Stratten writes that Twitter has helped him turn these types of events from lackluster festivals of uncomfortable handshakes and business card exchanges into much more friendly — and hug-filled — events where people who have already made numerous contacts via Twitter finally get to put faces on the personalities with whom they have been communicating. This is what he calls "new-school networking," which is no longer based on making introductions but instead helps to escalate relationships.

30-Day Twitter Challenge

Last year, Stratten decided to see if this Twitter phenomenon was really worth his attention. After a trial period, he began a self-created, 30-day Twitter challenge, during which he decided to get completely immersed in using Twitter every day of the month. While tweeting away throughout each and every one of those days, he went from 2,000 followers to 55,000 followers. All that tweeting on Twitter — 7,000 tweets in 30 days — taught him a few lessons about how much is too much and how to make the most of the medium. For one, he writes, if you're going to tweet, do it every day. You don't have to do it hundreds of times per day like Stratten did while he was in the thick of his Twitter binge, but Twitter tweeters should make a it a regular habit. He also writes that people should think twice about what they are tweeting. Don't be selfish. Push other people up by "retweeting" their content. Giving first is always a good idea in Twitterville, he adds, so be generous with your help. Authenticity and a picture of your face will also give you a better experience with Twitter because they will help you make a real impression.

Here is another tip: Stratten advises against using some kind of automatic software to update your Twitter presence. Since the experience is all about the moment, he writes that your authenticity will suffer if you are not really in that moment with your followers.

Besides Stratten's credentials as an impressive Twitterer, he is also world famous as a marketer and speaker who tells his clients and audience members how to do things differently, or "unmarket." The difference is needed because the rules of the game have been changed by all of the new tools that are available to marketers. The usual junk mail, telemarketing and cold calling just don't work anymore, so it makes sense to hear what a modern marketing expert has to say about the best bets in the industry.

In a series of concise chapters, Stratten captures his wealth of experience on the cutting edge of the industry with the latest tools for connecting to customers. UnMarketing deciphers the latest terminology and technology that can help marketers make the transition from 20th century selling to 21st century marketing. With a matter-of-fact delivery and a terrific sense of humor, Stratten redefines marketing with an expert opinion that includes a healthy distrust of expert opinions.