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Speed Review: The 10-Second Internet Man@ger

Speed Review: The 10-Second Internet Man@ger

Speed Review: The 10-Second Internet [email protected]

Survive, Thrive, and Drive Your Company in the Information Age

by Mark Breier’s former vice president of marketing gives seven keys for succeeding as a manager in the fast-moving world of digital business. These include “Act fast and act smart,” “Make feedback your friend,” “Make your brand matter,” and “Have fun.”


For Today's Managers, Success Is About Speed

Mark Breier is's former vice president of marketing, who played an important role in making the Amazon brand world-famous. He is also the former president and CEO of, turning that company into one of the top 10 e-commerce sites in just one year. In sum, Breier, (who is also an alumnus of the very non-digital Kraft Foods and Dreyer's/Edy's Grand Ice Cream), has the experience to explain what it takes to successfully run an Internet company.

His answer: speed. "More than ever before, success is about speed," Breier writes. "It's about thriving in a world where things are changing at the speed of light." And, he adds, that rule applies to every business, small or large, digital or bricks-and-mortar.

Seven Keys

In The 10-Second Internet [email protected], a slim pep talk of a book, Breier gives the following seven keys for succeeding as a manager in the hyperfast-moving world of digital business:

  • 1. Act fast and act smart.
  • 2. E-mail morning, noon and night. Talk in between.
  • 3. Make feedback your friend.
  • 4. Make your meetings effective.
  • 5. Make your brand matter.
  • 6. Survive in the investment jungle.
  • 7. Have fun.

For each of these keys, Breier offers a list of nuts-and-bolts tips, techniques and advice with examples drawn in large part from his own experience. (One intriguing piece of advice for making your brand matter, for example, is to "hire some food guys" - marketers from consumer goods companies such as Kraft or Frito-Lay. "These guys," Breier explains, "have to figure out every possible way to make their products stand out from the 30,000 others on the shelves in every grocery store.")

The 10-Second Internet [email protected] is a fast read with solid advice from an author with credentials and credibility.

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