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Speed Review: Reinvention

Speed Review: Reinvention

Speed Review: Reinvention

How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

by Brian Tracy

Internationally renowned success expert Brian Tracy has helped countless thousands of people literally reinvent themselves – just as he has reinvented himself over the years to achieve astonishing results in his own life and career. In Reinvention, he shares with you the same secrets he and others have used to embrace the future and create invigorating, low-stress, successful lives.


The Next Step in Career Evolution

Few people understand how to make changes permanent, and even fewer can help others make permanent changes to their lives as effectively as Brian Tracy. For many years, Tracy has been the self-help guru who has helped millions of people create their own futures, set goals and embrace the power of charm through his books and lectures. Throughout his latest book, Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life, Tracy explores the underlying elements of change while showing others how to re-evaluate, rethink, reorganize, re-engineer, reinvent and regain control of their lives through a process that shows them how to make the most of each of these important steps.

Tracy is more than just a best-selling business author and renowned motivational speaker. He is a “success expert.” Through thoughtful steps and positive reinforcement, he opens up the greater possibilities of life when each of us develops the untapped skills and talents we possess. By showing readers how to go on a “continuous offensive” to reinvent themselves and improve their abilities, he helps them fulfill their potential. While facing increasing changes, competition and opportunities, the messages Tracy delivers in Reinvention offer readers great hope for increasing success.

Survival of the Most Adaptable

In a world where job security is decreasing, everyone can benefit from a new set of tools that helps them adjust. As Tracy points out in his book’s introduction, Charles Darwin wrote, “Survival goes not necessarily to the most intelligent or the strongest of the species, but to the one that is most adaptable to change.” In true Darwinian style, Reinvention is about adapting, adjusting and responding to a new environment.

By encouraging readers to ask themselves who they are, what they want and what they are worth, Tracy helps them set goals that help create a better future. Through many quotes and studies, he creates a platform on which readers can build a personal strategic plan that takes them to improved earning ability and greater satisfaction. Tracy reinterprets the strategic terms that help businesses improve their competitiveness and innovation into terms that can be applied to the individual.

Everyone Is Self-employed

Tracy reminds readers that everyone is self-employed. What he means is that each of us is working for ourselves and we are responsible for making the most of our own lives. Through basic analogies such as this, he pushes his readers to develop the skills and competencies that will help them improve themselves and reach their goals.

Reinvention also serves as a workbook with which readers can create and follow their own personal strategic plans by evaluating and charting their own values, vision, mission, purpose, goals, priorities and activities. By offering a place where people can write down the things in life that drive them, as well as the things they seek, Tracy helps them to create their own destiny through determined steps they plan for themselves.

Always the optimist, Tracy understands the power of positive thinking. In Reinvention, he translates that eternal optimism into a powerful  guidebook readers can use to break down the limitations they create for themselves and achieve their most important goals.

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