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Speed Review: High Performance Interactive Marketing

Speed Review: High Performance Interactive Marketing

Speed Review: High Performance Interactive Marketing

New Techniques and Technologies for Winning and Keeping Customers

by Christopher Ryan

Here’s hands-on, how-to advice for marketing in today’s technology-driven interactive era from an expert on marketing and technology.


A How-to Guide on Marketing in the Digital Age
As an expert with 20 years of experience in marketing, technology and business management, Christopher Ryan has made a career of providing modern marketing advice. In High Performance Interactive Marketing, his third book on the subject, Ryan updates his previous publications and dives directly into the era of "one-to-one interactive marketing."

Marketing to Empowered Customers
According to Ryan, "the biggest impact of technology is the way it has empowered customers." Now that the Internet has "taken control over the information flow out of the hands of the people selling products and put it into the hands of people buying products," it is time to reevaluate marketing in the bright glow of technology, he writes.

Ryan breaks down his interactive marketing concepts into five sections:

  1. Navigating the Changing Marketing Landscape. The author digs into the benefits of interactive marketing, exploring the levels of interactivity, choice, and how to appeal to the interactive audience. Ryan attacks the question of disintermediation (the process by which the Internet has permanently broken down the established processes for conducting transactions), including how to deal with it, and the impact on sales and marketing. He also offers changing business models to help marketers adapt to it. E-commerce and the merging of entertainment, information, persuasion and interaction for better marketing are also detailed.
  2. Interactive Marketing Strategies That Can Ensure Success. The media plays a huge role in the interactive era, and the choices for advertising are growing every day. The Web is a new tool, and creating Web marketing that works can lead to fast success. Web marketing events and interactive television are just two of the new methods marketers are using to create sales and increase their return on investment.
  3. The Role of Technologies in Interactive Marketing.Ryan provides the ins and outs of database marketing, offering 10 ways to use a database marketing system and get the most out of it. He also explores using automation to make marketing departments more efficient and effective. Additional topics covered in this section include:
    • heuristic marketing systems (the kind that learn from their own mistakes through trial and error);
    • overcoming subjectivity;
    • marketing with virtual reality;
    • the cultural and business trends that affect interactive marketing.
  4. The Future of Interactive Marketing. Back on the personal side of marketing, Ryan is sensitive to the issues surrounding marketers and the people who are subject to their junk mail and e-mail. In response, Ryan gives his readers six strategies to ensure online privacy while remaining an effective interactive marketer. He also looks at the possibility of the taxation of e-commerce, the winners and failures of discredited predictions, and how automated conveniences are driving people away from human contact.
  5. Playing the Interactive Marketing Game to Win. In this section, Ryan offers a list of eight important characteristics of a successful marketing organization and lays out the details it takes to make it in a highly competitive marketplace. These include:
    • hiring great people;
    • bringing new products to market faster;
    • cutting down on resources wasted on meetings, procedures and policies;
    • eliminating bureaucracy;
    • contrarian thinking;
    • tight marketing focus;,
    • a well-developed network;
    • the acceptance of uncertainty.

Telecommuting, customized manufacturing and the diversification of technology can also help. Strategies for interactive marketing success round out the book.

Expert Advice
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Expert advice flows clearly from Ryan's book while he defines all of the latest marketing jargon in a readable style and easy-to-use layout. Every page of his 20 chapters directly states the information it is going to impart, refining data and experiences into usable lists and charts. The result is a well-delivered marketing resource for the new technology-driven, interactive era.