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    Speed Review: Discovering the Leader in You

    Speed Review: Discovering the Leader in You

    Speed Review: Discovering the Leader in You

    A Guide to Realizing Your Personal Leadership Potential

    by Sara King & Robert Lee

    Not everyone wants or needs to be a leader. Lee and King explain how to know if you have the vision, values, core qualities and desire to be a leader.


    Don't Assume Leader's Role Unless You Want It
    Not everyone in a leadership role is ready for the task. According to Robert J. Lee and Sara N. King of the Center for Creative Leadership, "people who hold leadership roles but lack the excitement, vision and energy to go with the job are likely to cause problems for everyone, especially themselves."

    The purpose of their new book, Discovering the Leader in You, is to infuse leaders with the desire to lead and the means to accomplish their leadership goals. It is a tool to instill leaders with the belief that "leadership roles should be filled by people who deliberately decide they want to be in them." The book challenges managers and executives to embrace leadership and assume the role of leader through self-discovery and personal vision.

    Do You Want to Be a Leader?
    Lee and King have spent their careers helping people who have either found themselves in leadership roles or are heading in that direction. Their goal with this book is to motivate these people to examine their "leadership commitments and develop paths in the context of who they are as individuals." By doing this, they hope to help leaders achieve more personal success.

    As a first step to success, the authors ask the leader-to-be, "Where does leadership fit into your life?" When the choice to become a leader has been made, they delve into the current realities and expectations of that role. Then comes the process of turning your own personal vision and values into your leadership vision and your leadership values.

    Once you have settled into your new position as leader, it is time to gain some personal awareness of yourself as a leader, the authors write. The way they propose you do this is to have you examine the aspects of your leadership, including your motivation, competencies, roles, personal characteristics, capacity to learn, learning styles, responses to change, and your career history and lessons learned.

    Achieving the Balance
    While you are succeeding as a new leader in your workplace, they say it is time for the crucial act of balancing your work as leader and your personal life. When these two aspects of your life are moving ahead like a well-oiled machine, it is time to enhance your leadership with self-awareness. You can do this by surrounding yourself with the people who can help you lead. These people provide the support, insight and feedback necessary to make your job as leader a valuable experience. They can be your sounding boards, counselors, cheerleaders, cohorts and mentors.

    Exercises and Evaluations
    Discovering the Leader in You
    is a personal workbook that lays a path into self-realization, asking as many questions as it answers on its way to connect "the inner you" to the leadership roles you seek. As they help you to examine, step-by-step, your personal vision, core values and personal qualities, the authors offer numerous exercises and personal evaluations intended to bring the successful leader inside you to the forefront of your life.