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Speed Review: 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

Speed Review: 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

Speed Review: 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs

by Laurence Shatkin

Some jobs remain stable despite fluctuations in the economic climate. In this book, you discover the 150 best jobs that are secure in good and bad times and that also offer good pay, fast growth and many openings. Also learn how the economy affects employment and how to improve your career prospects.


Extra Protection for Tough Times

During tough economic times, a “recession-proof” job is the best defense against unemployment. To help take the guesswork out of the difficult decision of choosing a new job, career expert Laurence Shatkin and the editors at JIST Works (the publisher of several job-finding books) have scoured the databases of the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Census Bureau to find the best jobs for those looking for work in a challenging economy.

First, they narrowed their search by using the occupational outlook ratings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which projects job growth and future job openings for more than 750 occupations and identifies their sensitivity to changes in the economy. Then they looked at the projected outlook for jobs for the next 10 years. Next, they reduced their list even further by eliminating the jobs that paid less than $20,270 and the jobs that are likely to be phased out in coming years. What they ended up with is a catalog of more than 150 (actually 205) job descriptions that together form an alphabetized encyclopedia of recession-proof jobs for anyone exploring job choices in the current job market.

Data Limitations

Along with their list of best jobs that are insensitive to recessionary times, the authors define the recession from which they help to protect people, the value of a recession-proof industry and occupation, and the limitations of their own data. For example, since their book only contains the average earnings for a particular job, they point out that the dollar value they provide is merely an average, representing a median income. This means that half of the people in that profession actually earn less than the average they present.

While the limits of statistics make it impossible to identify a specific example of a job that represents the best job for a perfectly average person to pursue, the averages and analysis offered by the authors provide ample information anyone can use to make an informed decision about his or her next job.

For each job the authors list in their compendium of smart jobs to pursue, they offer an annual earnings figure, a beginning wage to expect, and the potential for earnings growth once some experience and skills are gained while working within that job. These types of numbers provide great sources of comparison when looking at the true value of a potential job move into a more secure field and balancing current income needs with other strategic insights.

After describing the 150 best recession-proof jobs, the lists continue with further dissection of the figures. The authors continue their categorization and enumeration with lists of the top 40 best-paying jobs, the 40 fastest-growing jobs and the 40 jobs that have the most available openings. They also rate jobs according to the level of education and training necessary to make inroads and by a variety of other useful demographics.

Personality Types and Work Environments

From actuaries to water and liquid waste treatment plant and system operators, the authors cover a vast array of occupations with fascinating detail. Under each heading, they describe the industries with the greatest employment, the highest-growth industries for the job and a collection of other considerations about the job’s security.

While including a straightforward description of the primary and secondary responsibilities for the role, each entry also features other jobs in that field as well as the personality type best suited for the job. Individual entries also offer insights into the work environments one might expect while working in the job and the skills that might also apply.

The ease with which any reader can get all this valuable information from one book makes 150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs a useful resource for anyone in the job market developing a better career strategy for tomorrow’s economy.

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