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Through an extensive review process, our editors sift through hundreds of books every month to select topical titles to help you build up your business knowledge and go further in your career.


Soundview gives you key insights from top business authors by summarizing their books into 8-page text / 20-minute audio summaries, as well as utilizing their expertise in informative webinars, newsletters, instructional videos, and more!


We made our book summaries, webinars, and other concise business content accessible via any device, so you can read, watch, listen and learn - wherever you go!

Elevate your skills through our summaries, covering popular categories.

Management & Leadership Motivation Communication Behavior & Psychology Personal Performance Marketing Entrepreneurship HR Sales Technology Innovation And Many More!

What Our Users Say

“Over the past few years, I've started traveling more and more … Having the summaries available to download is a huge benefit, as I can take them with me offline for my long flights!”

Chris Piazza, R&D Director
The Sherwin-Williams Company

"I really like listening to the audio summaries when I drive to work. It lets me learn more on work-related topics…and pick up value-added information."

Deanna Kidd, Senior Principle Engineer
Long Beach, California

“You have an excellent product that we have enjoyed and profited from for many years. These summaries are an excellent tool and beacon in continuous learning. Keep up the good make a difference in careers and lives.”

Jim Wick
Chandler, Arizona

"Excellent work! We have over 250 ongoing subscriptions, and very few live up to the benchmark you have set."

Stephen Fraser, SVP Client Strategy
Carlson Marketing Canada

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