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Executive Edge™ is a guide to specific strategies and techniques to help you, at any stage in your career, to make the most of your skills and abilities, to speed your career development, and to improve your working relationships.

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Here are 6 of our most popular issues - included Free with your subscription:

Maximize Your Professional Value - drawing on the work of David D’Alessandro, Jack Welch, Seth Godin and others, this issue will help you to get promoted, build trusting relationships, be the go-to player and much more.

How to Impress Your Audience - with this issue, you’ll learn how to pick a hook, tell a good story, learn to speak body language and other speaking techniques, from presentation experts like Jerry Weissman, Tony Carlson, Harrison Monarth, Richard Dowis and more.

Define Yourself as a Leader - this issue explains how to activate your leadership potential, sharpen your judgment, focus on your strengths while compensating for weaknesses and more, from the work of leadership experts like John Zenger and Joseph Folkman, John Maxwell, Bill George and other well-known authors.

How to Negotiate from Strength - Learn top negotiation techniques from the best, including Roy Lewicki & Alexander Hiam, Michael Watkins and Mark Goulston.

How to Communicate with Authority - with this issue you’ll learn to harness the power of words, stay focused on your goal, connect to increase your influence and much more. Learn tips from communication experts including Jeffrey Pfeffer, Frank Lutz and G. Richard Shell.

How to Manage Workplace Conflict - this issue covers such critical techniques as understanding where conflict begins, resolving conflict constructively, keeping your emotions in check and more. This important issue draws on the work of Howard Guttman, Kirk Blackard & James Gibson, and the team at Vital Smarts.


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