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Webinar: Unlock the Power of the Transformational Consumer

by Tara-Nicholle Nelson

Webinar: Unlock the Power of the Transformational Consumer
Item #: CNF0417B

The key to growing a business today is not building an app or getting new social media followers. The key is engaging people over and over again by triggering their deep, human desire for growth and transformation.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Nelson takes the audience on a hero's journey to connecting with customers in ways both profitable and transformational. After going inside the brains, emotions, and behaviors of Transformational Consumers, Tara issues a call to adventure: a rallying cry to leaders to shift their focus from simply making products to solving their customers' problems. 

  • How companies like Thrive Market, Lyft, REI, SoulCycle and Pinterest spark lifelong love affairs with their customers
  • How to drive wild customer love by mastering your people’s real-world aspirations to live and be better
  • How to deliver products and content that remove resistance and trigger progress along your Customer’s real-world journeys
  • How to position your solo, small, medium or global business as a beloved part of your customers’ everyday lives
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