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Webinar: The Simple Approach to Powerful Leadership

Webinar: The Simple Approach to Powerful Leadership
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Leadership seems complicated to many. With competing philosophies and methods, as well as a rapidly changing workplace, is it possible to clearly, succinctly, and simply convey your personal approach to leading others?

In this Soundview Live webinar, The Simple Approach to Powerful Leadership, Mike Figliuolo provides an authentic, accessible model for any leader to do just that. Mike guides you through a simple approach for creating, articulating, and living your personal leadership philosophy — one that can be shared on a single piece of paper.

The audio recording, video recording, and a summary of One Piece of Paper will be available to listen to or download from your Online Library immediately after check-out.

  • How to lead yourself: what motivates you and what are your rules of personal conduct? What do you want the "future you" to look like and stand for?
  • How to lead the thinking: where are you taking your team and how will you innovate to drive change?
  • How to lead your people: how can you lead a team as individuals rather than faceless cogs in a machine?
  • How to lead a balanced life: How do you achieve equilibrium between work and personal obligations?
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  • Summary Release Date: February 2012