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    Webinar: The 4-Step Method to Real Influence

    Webinar: The 4-Step Method to Real Influence

    Webinar: The 4-Step Method to Real Influence

    by Mark Goulston & John Ullmen

    People won't put up with being "sold" anymore. If they sense they are being pushed, their guard goes up — and even if they do comply, lingering resentment undermines the relationship... maybe forever.

    In this Soundview Live webinar, The 4-Step Method to Real Influence, authors Mark Goulston and John Ullmen reveal a new model for authentic influence — the kind that creates a strong initial connection and survives long after agreement has been reached. Complete with examples of the steps in action and insights from real-world "power influencers," this one-of-a-kind method shows that being straight with everyone means winning for all.

    Available: audio recording, video recording, slides, summary of Real Influence

    What You'll Learn

    • How to get past the "blind spot" in our brains that makes connecting and influencing impossible.
    • The simple four-step model that will help you connect with people you thought were unreachable.
    • Bad influence habits that can disconnect you from your team, your clients, your family, and others.
    • How listening with a real motive to learn and understand will change a relationship instantly.
    • Ways to repair a reputation damaged by trying to influence via manipulation.
    • Why one of the biggest factors in becoming a power influencer is gratitude.
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