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Webinar: The 17 Powerful Rules of Adaptability

Webinar: The 17 Powerful Rules of Adaptability
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Adaptability is the key human trait. The ability to adapt faster and smarter than the situation is what makes the powerful difference between adapting to cope and adapting to win.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Max McKeown presents a series of powerful rules exploring how to increase the adaptability of you and your organization to create winning positions. He provides fascinating real-world examples from business, government, the military and sports to bring the rules of adaptability to life — from the world's most innovative corporations to street-level creativity emerging from the slums.

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  • Why some groups adapt better to uncertainty
  • How to be inspired by stories of successful adaptation
  • How to transcend the constraints of your situation
  • Why "adapt or die" is not the only choice
  • What the rules of adaptability are
  • How to think and act more strategically together
  • How Adaptability goes beyond innovation
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  • Summary Release Date: February 2013