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Webinar: Release the Power of Your Organization's Values

Webinar: Release the Power of Your Organization's Values
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In this Soundview Live webinar, Release the Power of Your Organization's Values, Alan Williams and Alison Whybrow show how an organization’s values and brand can be translated into the daily practices and behaviour of their employees, drawing a golden thread from the boardroom to the front line customer experience.

The 31Practices® method weaves together principles and practices from psychology, sociology, philosophy, neuroscience, leadership and business to significantly enhance customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty. It has been successfully adopted by large and small companies, across sectors from around the world.

  • About 31Practices®, a trademarked tool which helps employees bring the brand of their organization to life through their behaviour.
  • How this concept is underpinned by psychology theory from a number of areas such as mindfulness, awareness, internalization, positive reinforcement and imprinting.
  • How to create and deliver your own unique “personality” within an overall approach that is consistent.
  • How employees play a co-creation role and take ownership for development of the way the tool is used.
  • How 31Practices is embedded into all operating processes, particularly in the areas of people management, communication and recognition so they become part of the way things are done.
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