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    Webinar: How to Be Exceptional

    Webinar: How to Be Exceptional

    Webinar: How to Be Exceptional

    by John H. Zenger & Joseph R. Folkman

    In this Soundview Live webinar, How to Be Exceptional, the leadership gurus of Zenger Folkman provide a revolutionary approach to leadership development. Instead of focusing on your weaknesses and how to overcome them, they focus on your strengths — and how to build them.

    Citing the kind of extensive research for which ZengerFolkman is famous, the authors prove that for every leadership competency developed, there are several significant related behaviors that enhance leadership effectiveness. In How to Be Exceptional, they offer a fresh new direction and concrete techniques for growing the full spectrum of your leadership strengths.

    Available: audio recording, video recording, summary of How to Be Exceptional

    What You'll Learn

    • Why focusing on strengths is far more effective than a preoccupation with fixing weaknesses
    • How building strengths greatly differs from correcting weaknesses
    • How to use feedback and action-learning on the job to elevate your strengths
    • How to apply Zenger Folkman's revolutionary "cross-training" method to escalate your leadership competencies into the top 90th percentile
    • How to ensure that your fully developed strengths are sustainable by building follow-through into your development plan
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