Webinar: Creating Presentations that Persuade

Webinar: Creating Presentations that Persuade
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Presentations are the lingua franca of business and those who master communicating with them rise faster than their peers, reach more customers than their competitors, and turn causes into a groundswell.

In this Soundview Live webinar, pioneering presentation innovator Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte Design, demonstrates how to apply the methods in her book Resonate: Presenting Visual Stories That Transform Audiences, to build meaningful connections with audiences that compel them to action. Her groundbreaking work details a new way of structuring a presentation and connecting with an audience, helping the presenter create a human connection.

Changing the world starts with transforming an audience, and an audience will only change if you resonate with them.

Available Formats: audio recording, video recording, and 8-page book summary of Resonate

  • How to connect with your audience empathetically.
  • How to craft ideas that get repeated.
  • How to rely on story structures inherent in great communication.
  • How to create captivating content.
  • How to inspire enthusiasm and support for your vision.
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  • Summary Release Date: March 2011

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