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Webinar: Building a World Class Organization

Webinar: Building a World Class Organization
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Operating and expanding business units offshore, selling in foreign markets, and managing global supply chains are just three of the many challenges facing organizations in this new global economy.

This Soundview Live webinar, Building a World Class Organization, taps the knowledge and experience of Drs. Linda Sharkey, Nazneen Razi and Robert Cooke to deliver an easily implemented process for accessing your organization's global capability and developing the leaders who will drive success.

Available: audio recording, video recording, slides, summary of Winning with Transglobal Leadership

  • Guidance on measuring and evaluating your organization’s capacity to compete globally.
  • Five behavioral dimensions that global leaders need to develop.
  • Keys to assessing leadership candidates early in their careers.
  • The "Transglobal Leadership Matrix," a tool for taking stock of your own skills and behaviors.
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  • Summary Release Date: January 2013