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    Webinar: Building Brand [You]

    Webinar: Building Brand [You]

    Webinar: Building Brand [You]

    by Cyndee Woolley

    Your brand is a summary of every customer's experience with you, and his or her emotional reaction to that experience. This is true of a person as well as a company.

    In this Soundview Live webinar, Building Brand [You], Cyndee Woolley will help you set the direction in your life by establishing goals and priorities that are meaningful to you. You will live as the person you want to be and express that [You] authentically, intentionally, consistently, confidently, in every way possible.

    Available: audio recording, video recording

    What You'll Learn

    • That you already have a personal brand, whether you realize it or not
    • If you don't control your brand, it will be shaped by the circumstances and people around you
    • The 7 essential steps to building your brand
    • That building your brand is the difference between being relevant and being replaceable
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