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Webinar: Avoiding the Innovation Blind Spot

Webinar: Avoiding the Innovation Blind Spot
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Many companies have an innovator's blind spot. No matter your situation, your success depends not just on your own efforts but also on the ability, willingness, and likelihood that the partners that make up your innovation ecosystem succeed as well.

In this Soundview Live webinar, Avoiding the Innovation Blind Spot, Ron Adner offers a new perspective — a wide lens — with which to assess your strategy. It introduces a new set of tools and frameworks that will expose your hidden sources of dependence. It will help you make better choices, take more effective actions, and multiply your odds of success.

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  • The key concepts that make innovating in ecosystems different.
  • To recognize the dual blind spots of co-innovation risk and adoption chain risk.
  • Why a wide-lens perspective fundamentally changes how we decide where to compete, how to compete, and when to compete.
  • How the wide-lens toolbox can be credibly deployed to avoid needless failures and multiply your odds of success.
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  • Summary Release Date: April 2012