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How Decisive Leaders Execute Strategy
Date: Thursday, March 2nd
Time: 1:00 PM ET
Speaker: Patty Azzarello

Leaders tend to assume that stalls in execution are inevitable, unchanging parts of the workplac - but things can change. At the heart of every execution problem is the fact that there simply are not enough people doing what the business needs. This Soundview Live webinar will show you how to get your entire organization on board - remove the fear, excuses, and hurdles - and uphold the new pursuit against distractions and dissent.

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  • Image of Webinar: The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace

    Webinar: The Cost of Emotions in the Workplace

    by Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell
    Item #: CNF1213A
    Deadly workplace violence may grab headlines, but in this Soundview Live webinar, The Costs of Emotions in the Workplace, Dr. Vali Hawkins Mitchell cautions C-Suite Executives and Line Managers that ignoring the impact of employee emotions in the workplace is a recipe for disaster.
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  • Image of Webinar: Boosting Performance and Decision Making Under Pressure

    Webinar: Boosting Performance and Decision Making Under Pressure

    by Marc Schoen
    Item #: CNF0613C
    Do you or your employees unravel under pressure? If so, the reason could be your brain's hair trigger Survival Instinct. Designed to keep you out of danger, this ancient part of us is being unnecessarily pressed into action at the slightest hint of pressure or discomfort. With our tolerance for discomfort and pressure at an all-time low, the Survival Instinct is stuck in the "ON" position and is undermining the areas of the brain that are vital for successful problem solving, decision
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  • Image of Webinar: Breaking the Fear Barrier

    Webinar: Breaking the Fear Barrier

    by Tom Rieger
    Item #: CNF0512A
    In this Soundview Live webinar, Breaking the Fear Barrier, Tom Rieger offers a cohesive and groundbreaking process for breaking down each level of bureaucracy to remove the barriers. Next, by proactively fostering courageous behavior among employees and keeping insidious "courage killers" at bay, leaders can root out fear in their organizations and establish a culture of confidence, engagement, and long-term success.
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  • Image of Webinar: How to Stop Workplace Drama

    Webinar: How to Stop Workplace Drama

    by Marlene Chism
    Item #: CNF0711B
    In this Soundview Live webinar How to Stop Workplace Drama, Marlene Chism shows how to change the way you and your organization confront and work through problems, implement effective management strategies in a drama-filled organization, and find new solutions that create positive growth for every member of your company.
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  • Image of Webinar: Fearless Leadership

    Webinar: Fearless Leadership

    by Don Schmincke, Chris Warner
    Item #: CNF0509A
    The renegade scientist (Don Schmincke) and the mountaineer (Chris Warner), co-authors of High Altitude Leadership, share first-person examples from major mountain climbing expeditions, interspersed with scenarios from boardrooms around the globe, to pinpoint the eight dangers that prevent people from reaching the highest levels of performance. Using harrowing first person accounts of life and death on the mountaintop, Chris Warner and Don Schmincke pinpoint eight lessons leaders need to learn t
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