Webinar: The Advantage Strategy Paradigm

Webinar: The Advantage Strategy Paradigm
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In this Soundview Live webinar, The Advantage Strategy Paradigm, Mark Hefner explains the principles that can guide all executives in the decisions and actions they take related to developing, planning, and executing strategy. Principles provide a broad context for strategic action and guidelines that can be communicated and taught at all levels of the organization, eventually becoming part of the organization’s culture.

When these five principles are combined together and adopted by your organization as the way to think, decide, and act on strategy, big improvements to strategy management and corresponding results will follow. Huge leaps in sustainable performance improvements and value will come from having these principles as a part of the DNA of your culture.

  • Why repeatable processes and procedures add great value in stable and predictable times.
  • Why throwing out standard process and procedures in favor of a handful of powerful but easily remembered principles is necessary in our time.
  • The five principles that guide The Advantage Strategy Paradigm.
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